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INTEGRATE | Networking Online (Part 4)

So you have a new connection, someone who you look forward to journeying through STEM with. This is the point where those of us with busy lifestyles get worried that these connections will be fleeting; which is upsetting considering how fruitful and exciting these new connections seem.

There are many books/resources that break down the ‘science of forming habits’; they all say the same thing. You need to build things into your routine. For instance, if you’re trying to drink more water, have a bottle of water ready at the places that you frequent the most. The same logic can be applied to networking; make it part of your routine. Whether it be daily or weekly, integrate networking into your routine. Again, easier said than done, so here are some tips:

Set reminders to connect and check on your connections. A reminder at 7pm on Thursdays to message your connection can go a long way. Soon you won’t be needing your alarm and it will be weird not to have connected with them throughout the week. Eventually, the alarm will be more like a bell of triumph rather than a reminder.

Start a process with them. This will mean you’re ‘forced’ to connect. This will also make these situations seem less rigid and forced, less like you’re following a process but more like these connections are genuine. For instance, you’ve always wanted to code, connect with someone who can code and ask them for tips and advice. You can update them with how well you’re doing in learning to code, ask them questions etc etc. You will also have skills that they can learn from.

Set the goal to connect with someone else. Accountability was the buzzword of 2019; let’s keep it alive. Ask a friend to start on this networking journey with you. While you form your own connections, they can form their own connection also. Check in on each other (as you usually would) and check and see if they’ve kept up with it. If they haven't, go back to step two of our networking guide and start up the conversation again.


That’s it: the last step of our networking guide. But we’re not leaving you in the deep end. Our door is always open, drop us a message with any questions on any of our platforms.


If you are just joining us now then make you go back and check out the previous steps of our How To Network Online series. Become part of our networking scheme by filling out this short form.

By Tomi Akingbade, Founder

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