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BWiS Spotlight Series #BHMwithBWiS21

Over Black History Month (October 2021), we ran a series that we called the BWiS Spotlight Series. We are so honoured to have been given the opportunity to feature 12 amazing Black women in STEM. During these interviews, we learned so much about them and the work that they do. You can watch all of these interviews back on our IGTV.

Episode 1 Anyone can be a physicist with Tolu Fayese #BWiSSpotlight

Post-graduate Msc physicist @imo_oye joins us for a candid conversation about her journey to her post-graduate studies, her interest in education policy and decolonizing STEM

Episode 2 Paying it forward with Dr Jerelle Joseph #BWiSSpotlight

Research fellow @jerellej tells us about moving to the UK for her PhD at the University of Cambridge, the life of a computational chemist and the joys of mentoring

Episode 3 Get a mentor with Dr Bernadine Idowu-Onibokun #BWiSSpotlight

Senior Lecturer and founder of YACnCAY (@yacncay) Dr Bernadine Idowu-Onibokun (@toyinyacncay) shares on being an award-winning researcher, paying it forward as well as the importance of mentorship and how she uses it to change lives

Episode 4 Being open to new experiences with Kene'h Oweh #BWiSSpotlight

An inspirational conversation with trainee pharmacist, Kene'h Oweh (@itskeneh), on choosing pharmacy, loving your job, relocating and changes to the role of a pharmacist.

Episode 5 People should know their options with Adama Saccoh #BWiSSpotlight

Research technician, science communicator and careers blogger, Adama Saccoh tells us about her academic journey, her time as the creator of career website @thecatalystinme, and giving people the information she didn't have during her degree.

Episode 6 Pace yourself with Mary Agyapong #BWiSSpotlight

PhD candidate and co-founder of the West African Research Collective, Mary Agyapong, shares her passion behind her PhD, hopes for the future and tips for navigating academia.

Episode 7 The 'unstraight' path with Juliana Eniraiyetan #BWiSSpotlight

Radiopharmaceutical chemist, Juliana Eniraiyetan, gives us an insight in her 'unstraight' road from a Chemistry to cosmetics and then radiopharmaceuticals

Episode 8 Not planning too far ahead with Dr Madina Wane #BWiSSpotlight

Hear more about being a vaccine scientist during the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of exploring biology as a whole, and working in science policy from Dr Madina Wane

Episode 9 You belong here with Angeline Dukes #BWiSSpotlight

Join us as we cover a range of topics from the science of addiction, finding your space in your industry,building a community, and the importance of teaching and paying it forward with Angeline Dukes (@futuredrdukes)! Angeline is a final year PhD candidate, president and founder of @blackinneuro, and so much more!

Episode 10 Enjoying where you're at with Adesewa Adebisi #BWiSSpotlight

A very transparent conversation with Scientific Officer II, Adesewa Adebisi (@sewa_adebisi), talking about going from biomedical science to oncology, taking a 'break' as an education officer and being okay with not knowing what's next

Episode 11 PhD'ing in science policy with Ramota Adelakun #BWiSSpotlight

We had a very open chat with Ramota Adelakun (@theramota_a) about studying abroad, getting into science policy, being black in the field, creating a community and so much more

Episode 12 Slay in your lane with Dr Maria August Arruda #BWiSSpotlight

Slaying in your lane, doing research in Brazil and the UK, and changing tracks to work more in EDI with Head of Researcher Development, Dr Maria Augusta Arruda. cc: @m.arrudabullock

Feel free to comment and share these interviews with your networks and, as always, remember that #RepresentationMatters


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