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Black History Month 2019 #BHMwithBWiS19

Black History Month is here!! In the UK, October is the month that is used to celebrate and recognise the contributions that people of African and Caribbean heritage have made.

Representation has become a buzz word that a lot of institutions and organisations are fast to use but slow to implement. The word ‘representation’ may have been tainted by its use in branding and procurement but the principle remains. Representation (to us as a network for black women who exist in the scientific industry) means that voices are heard, faces shown and the work and inputs valued.

Photo: Pintrest (TeePublic)

In the spirit of representation we’re running a series on our blog ‘#BHMwithBWiS19 Spotlight on…’. We're marking Black History Month (BHM) this year by shining a spotlight on our members. The aim of this series is to highlight the black women in science who are part of this network. We love the diverse group of women that make up the members of the network and we believe the world deserves to see this too. Stay tuned, subscribe and better yet, if you’re a black woman in science: become a member now. You deserve to be in the spotlight too.

What does representation mean to you? Comment below

By Tomi Akingbade, Founder

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