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Alice Ball #BHMwithBWiS


Alice Augusta Ball


July 1892 - December 1916




Ball was 1 of 4 children to James Presley and Laura Ball.


Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry BSc (Hons), University of Washington

Degree in Pharmacy, University of Washington

Scientific career

After graduating Ball worked on the molecule for Piper methysticum (kava) and investigated its active principle. Dr Harry T Hollmann reached out to Ball to help him isolate the active chemical compounds in chaulmoogra to treat leprosy, which was very poorly understood at the time. By the age of 23, Ball had developed a technique that allowed the oil from the chaulmoogra tree seeds so they could be injected into the body. and absorbed into the body.

Ball died at the young age of 24, but her work has contributed greatly to the understanding of leprosy and providing at-home treatment for leprosy.


A plaque was dedicated to Ball - it hangs on the chaulmoogra tree at her previous school

February 9th is Alice Ball Day celebrated every 4 years in Hawaii

Useful links

Alice Ball (Wikipedia)

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