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10 Lab-friendly Afro Hairstyles You Have To Try!

The 15th of September is World Afro Hair Day! This initiative arose as a result of the rise in discrimination against Afro hair in the workplace and society overall. It aims to be "a global day of change, education and celebration of Afro hair, culture and identity". In honour of World Afro Hair Day, we've compiled a list of natural hairstyles that work perfectly in a Research/Lab setting. I mean, if you're going to be in the lab all day, might as well look fabulous while performing those assays! Here are 10 ways to style your crown - in the lab!

Bantu knots

Bantu knots are a great protective style that have been done for centuries in African culture. You achieve the ‘knots’ by twisting strands of your hair into buns, which can be as big or small as you’d prefer. They can also be styled with some of your curls peeking through, but make sure to lay those edges for a nice, swooped finish!

Black woman wearing bantu knots and smiling
Credit: Jedidiah-Jordan

The Classic Puff A.K.A ‘The Pineapple’

Most of us have been styling our hair in puffs since we were kids and what I love about the Classic puff style is the minimal manipulation needed. It also sweeps your hair completely away from your face so it’s not rubbing against your clothes, meaning that it follows Good Laboratory Practice guidelines to-the-T!

Portrait of woman sitting outside on the ground and smiling
Credit: Riquemi Perez

The Low Cut

If puffs aren't your thing, you can also opt for a cute low cut. You can keep it classic or you can channel your inner Grace Jones by going for a high-top fade. Low-cut styles have a way of bringing out beautiful facial features you never knew you had!

Portrait of a woman with low-cut hair staring into the camera with her hands on either side of her face
Credit: Meshack Enock Mwakibuja

The sleek ponytail

This is another hairstyle that keeps your hair away from your face and with the use of good hair gel and brush, you can achieve a clean and sleek finish.

Portrait of woman with ponytail hairstyle staring into the camera, smiling
Credit: Danie James

The Classic Cornrow

There’s also the classic cornrow that I’m convinced will never go out of style. You can choose to tie it up in a bun or a ponytail or you may leave it to dangle! I highly recommend pairing this hairstyle with some hoop earrings (if your lab permits) - it just does something to the overall look!

Portrait of woman wearing cornrows with hooped earrings
Credit: Jermaine Ulinwa

The Accessorized Afro

You can try experimenting with hair clips, beads, headbands and even... flowers! Just make sure that any accessories you use are firmly secured within your hair as we don't want them to become a hazard in the lab!

Portrait of woman staring into the camera with flowers in her hair
Credit: Kebs Visuals

The Classy Up-Do

If you want the classy look, an up-do may just be for you. Make sure to use good pins to keep strands in place and get ready to turn heads as you strut through your lab!

Portrait of a black woman with an up-do hairstyle staring into the camera
Credit: King Cyril Kalu

The Finger-Coiled Mini-Afro

This look is perfect for those with mini-afros! You can achieve this look by twisting little sections of your hair with some gel on your fingertips and giving it some time to dry.

Portrait of a black woman with an afro, wearing silver earrings and necklace, gazing into the camera
Credit: Marlon Schmeiski

The Colorful Afro

You may also style your afro with a different colour for a fresh, new look. According to a British Vogue article, knowing your undertones is important. For instance, chestnut browns would work quite well in people with red undertones.

Portrait of a black woman with brown hair, staring into the camera
Credit: Kebs Visuals

The Mini-Twists

You can't go wrong with twists. They're a great protective style with minimal manipulation needed and they look cute, especially mini ones!

Photograph of a black woman with afro twists
Credit: Ayanfeoluwa O. Ibitoye

I hope this has given you some inspiration on ways to style your gorgeous Afro! Do check out the World Afro Hair Day website for more information on the initiative and any events taking place. I also recommend checking out Afrocenchix and Glamour for more inspiration on ways to style your natural hair.

Until next time!

By Success Fabusoro (Blog Writer)

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